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Cindy is a dynamic health/wellness coach and educator with a passion for helping others realize their health, weight loss, and work-life balance goals. She uses cognitive, behavioral and Christian spiritual principles to positively motivate, realign and balance lifestyles to accomplish optimal health and vitality. The nutrition information and coaching methods Cindy uses are known to counteract disease, reverse unhealthy habits, and bring about holistic healing and joyful living (a sample of the actual course work Cindy has undertaken: Coming soon, Cindy will be collaborating with other health and fitness professionals to offer coaching clients the Total Integrative Wellness experience!


Cindy embarked on her wellness journey in 2015 when she began taking graduate school prerequisite classes to undergo a career change devoted to nutrition, health, wellness and coaching. Though very successful in her former career in sales and marketing, she longed for real work-life balance and a healthy-clean diet and lifestyle. Frequent flights, on the road travel, and work brought home afforded little time for proper nutrition, recreation, and quality of life.  Stress was high and free-time was low. The change she sought could only be obtained through education and immersion into health and wellness, first for herself, and later to benefit others. 


But before this health-centric shift occurred, a life-altering catalyst prompted the change.


From 2008-2013, Cindy underwent five major spine surgeries, a gastrointestinal disorder, and various joint issues which challenged and refined her beliefs about health, relationships, and her spiritual faith. This dark and painful time proved to strengthen and teach Cindy about humility, resilience, balance, courage and the importance of bodily, emotional, relational and spiritual health. These essential elements of overall wellness became the basis of the Healthy Living Wheel by which Total Integrative Wellness was founded. 

[Read more about Cindy's full testimony of coming to faith in Jesus Christ through the healing she received


Through the grace of God, exceptional medical care, holistic nutrition, and complementary/alternative modalities, Cindy regularly enjoys many arduous physical activities such as mountain-hiking, cardio-dance (Zumba), and various sports. Her goal is to now inspire, motivate, and educate you to emphatically embrace a life of vigor, fulfillment, gratitude and peace that will spill over to all aspects of your being!


It is never too late to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and experience the abundant life you have always wanted. Your health and wellness journey is uniquely yours. No two journeys are alike. Let’s take your journey together!

Health, Blessings, and Peace,


Total Integrative Wellness




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Cindy is a 2019 Master of Public Health candidate with an emphasis in Nutrition and Health Promotion. Her health and wellness coaching company, Total Integrative Wellness, uses its own Healthy Living Wheel model to promote balance and wellness in the life areas of Physical (nutrition/exercise), Work, Spirituality, Play, and Rest (sleep/relaxation). 

Cindy is actively seeking a preceptor for her 2019 MPH practicum experience. She is also studying at both the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Wellcoaches School of Health and Wellness and is on track to complete training and certification in 2019. 

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Her dual degree in psychology and business and 22 years of corporate experience (HR, sales, marketing for Fortune 500 to non-profit….and everything in between) gives her unique insights into career and workplace matters, as well as small business ventures. She enjoys photographing and exploring God’s glorious creations outdoors, dancing for fitness, as well as spending quality Play and Rest time with her loved ones. 

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